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We are a cost-effective recruiting platform that incorporates a comprehensive, hands-on approach to help student-athletes realize their potential.

Most athletes know that their goals get accomplished through hard work and repeated effort. Few results come easy in life. At Proactive Athletes, we take the same attitude and effort necessary to become a successful athlete toward helping your student-athlete achieve their goals and outcomes.

Desiring a certain outcome, is not the same as making it happen. The challenge is that to get noticed as a student-athlete we must play in a crowded field and find ways to standout. Most families and student-athletes have little experience with navigating the path to find the most optimal outcome for their skills and talents. Of course this starts with the athletes play and commitment, but it’s also important to be at the right place at the right time and to develop a plan to find that next step in your journey. That’s where Proactive Athletes comes in – having helped hundreds of student-athletes, including our own children, to realize positive outcomes from our process, we know that we can apply our hands-on process and knowledge to help your child realize his or her dreams.

Our Founders

Scott Petersen

Scott Petersen, Founder and President of Proactive Athletes, brings to the table over 32 years of marketing expertise and a passion for helping student-athletes fulfill their dreams. His mission with Proactive Athletes originated from a personal journey with his son’s athletic recruitment. Despite hiring six well-known brands in the recruiting world, his son had no offers or scholarships as he entered his senior year of high school. Fueled by a steadfast belief in his son’s potential and his own marketing acumen, Scott took the recruitment process into his own hands.

The results were nothing short of extraordinary. In a short span, his son went from zero offers to over 26 offers and $1.1 million in scholarship opportunities. Scott’s innovative approach involved a high-level exposure program and an athlete branding program, ensuring that each student-athlete’s skills and potential were showcased to the fullest.

When the world turned on its head with the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, Scott saw an opportunity to support other talented athletes facing similar struggles. His unique recruitment strategy resonated with families across the entire country, leading to the successful recruitment of over 400 athletes from coast to coast.

Scott’s approach to recruitment stands out in its transparency. There’s no hype, no fluff, just a commitment to providing tangible results. The success stories speak for themselves.

Peter Ozolin

Peter Ozolin, Co-Founder and Director of Proactive Athletes, is a successful entrepreneur who has made it his mission to help student-athletes realize their full potential, both on and off the field. With a rich background in business leadership and a deep passion for mentoring, Peter brings a unique set of skills to the world of athletic recruiting.

Throughout his career, Peter has consistently shown an ability to identify potential and foster growth. From his early days as a tech entrepreneur to his time leading Manzama, a leading provider of news and media aggregation tools, he has always been guided by a deep-seated desire to help others succeed. This desire, combined with his entrepreneurial mindset and marketing expertise, has led him to the world of athletic recruiting.

Peter’s journey with Proactive Athletes started with his family’s personal experience. When his son embarked on the high school recruiting process, Peter applied his business marketing knowledge and strategic thinking to the task, leading to a multitude of offers. This experience underscored the transformative impact that targeted marketing and strategic planning can have on an athlete’s recruiting journey. Inspired by this success, and the opportunity to make a major impact in young athletes’ lives, Peter joined Proactive Athletes with the goal of helping other student-athletes achieve similar outcomes.

As Co-Founder and Director, Peter leverages his entrepreneurial acumen to drive Proactive Athletes forward into the future. Proactive Athletes aims to become the go-to student-athlete marketing platform and recruiting company, helping as many athletes as possible to reach their collegiate dreams.

Peter’s promise is to give his best to every athlete and parent he works with.





I Coach Josh Pleasant "Plez", want the same for you and am committed to giving you the boost you need to achieve what you inspire to be. As a former D1 / Pro athlete at Kent State(BA Interpersonal Communication), I am a highly motivated, passionate individual hungry for gains, wins, and success in myself and others around me. I have restructured what I do into becoming a top of the line fitness and performance Coach (NASM certified) with over 6 years of training experience, multiple certifications, and over 800 clients. I am a resource for those who want to achieve their goals and a confidant for those who need to become empowered in their process.


CEO-Supreme Athletic Performance

Coach-Forever Dreamers 7v7 Org.

Coach Randell Cooper is a native of Atlanta, GA and has had an extensive impact in the state as a trainer and coach for multiple sports. Focusing on speed, agility, and strength, Coach Randell Cooper opened and continues to operate a effective training house in Marietta, GA that has produced hundreds of college and professional athletes across multiple sports. Currently, Coach Cooper is based out of South Florida and operates as a high school coach, recruiting expert, and Varsity Head Coach of Lamar Jackson’s Forever Dreamers national 7v7 organization. Coach Cooper has the network and connections to help athletes understand their path to a successful future. Having over a decade of experience in the wild world of recruiting Coach Cooper has an extensive history, knowledge, and relationships to help athletes get to the next level. Coach Cooper is old school at heart. He believes in having character and being honest with athletes. He is always excited to help any athlete reach their goals and help them understand their options to have a successful athletic career.




Bryce grew up playing sports in Thousand Oaks, CA. His childhood was shaped by his parents and their friends, career educators and coaches. He played college football at UC Davis. After graduating Bryce had the privilege of coaching with Marijon Ancich, the second winningest high-school football coach in CA history. That experience spring-boarded a life-long enjoyment of coaching youth and high-school sports. Bryce has lived in Atlanta, Knoxville, and on Long Island before coming back West. He is a strong development, community, and social services professional skilled in sales, management, business development, and organizational development. At his core he is a coach that loves the grind of the process. Bryce loves how Proactive Athletes empowers student-athletes. He wants to help them pursue their passions at the collegiate level while also being a trusted resource for their parents and coaches. Bryce currently coaches high school football and just experienced the football recruiting process as a parent. The process can be overwhelming, time consuming, and disorienting. It is also rewarding and filled with great life lessons. He is proud of how his son navigated the process and can't wait to watch him grow has a person and player at Portland State. Bryce looks forward to using his firsthand experience to mentor and guide student-athletes and parents. He wants them to maximize their opportunities AND enjoy the recruiting journey. Go Viks!



Coach "Fresh" Renel Troutman has been coaching for close to two decades now and throughout the years he has been able to build amazing relationships with coaches across the country. He also is the Founder of Power7United, a non profit organization that inspires to promote, train, develop, and mentor various kids from various communities. Coach Troutman has always led by an example and has the amazing ability to build relationships and motivate athletes to achieve goals of playing at the next level. He has marketing, sales and coaching experience.

This Navy Veteran is a FIU alumni. He is a teacher by day and father by night. He shows motivation, enthusiasm and courage with everything he lays a hand on. He is a great addition to the team.



Hello Everyone! My name is Coach Mike Mellides! I am also know as CoachUniteUs on IG. I have been a police officer for over 13 years and always loved giving back to the community. The best lessons in life come from the bottom. After losing my brother in 2018, I found my true identity as a mentor, coach and neighborhood hero. By fostering relationships with the youth, I could help them as a mentor, coach and teacher. I started my nonprofit (CoachUniteUs) in 2022 to help build the bridge between the community and law enforcement. I created a your build workshop to help student athletes learn more about leadership, mental health, conflict resolution and professionalism. By joining Proactive Atheltes, I want to help every student athlete, achieve their goal



Aswand Cruickshank is a four time published author, who started playing football at the age of seven, the lessons that he learned from his 15 years as a player, has played a major role in every decision that he has made as an adult. Unlike most football players, Aswand had the unique opportunity to play under coaches that had a tremendous amount of respect and influence, simply based on the fact that these men had no interest in leaving (for "better jobs"), Aswand learned the importance of consistency when attempting to become an authoritative figure in a young person's life. After graduating from Stony Brook University, Aswand became an independent scout, while also working as a sales consultant for several fitness brands.
Aswand then proceeded to start his own scouting company named Gym44 Recruiting and spent two seasons as a High School football Coach for Blake High School in Silver Spring Maryland. Once the season ended, Aswand relocated to South Florida to work for the Miami Dolphins Foundation, and now has a mission to become one of the positive members of the community by using sports to teach young people all the life lessons that his coaches taught him. Aswand, is also the host of the number one podcast on Innovative Teamwork, named the “Move Swiftly Podcast,” you are welcomed to listen anytime you want, new episodes get published daily.





We are thrilled to have an extraordinary group of partners who are dedicated to helping student-athletes realize their dreams. Each partner brings unique expertise and a passion for making a difference in the lives of young athletes. While we work on gathering their detailed bios, rest assured that these remarkable individuals are committed to supporting you every step of the way. Stay tuned for more updates as we showcase their incredible contributions to our mission of proactive athlete success!At Clubhouse Athletics, we are proud to partner with Proactive Athletes, the leading experts in athletic recruitment, to provide student-athletes with the ultimate pathway to success in college sports. By joining forces with Proactive Athletes, we offer you an unparalleled opportunity to elevate your recruiting journey and maximize your chances of getting recruited to play in college.

Through our strategic collaboration, we bring together the expertise of Clubhouse Athletics and the proven track record of Proactive Athletes in helping athletes realize their dreams. Together, we provide a comprehensive suite of resources, personalized guidance, and cutting-edge technology solutions tailored specifically to your needs.By choosing Clubhouse Athletics and Proactive Athletes as your trusted partners, you gain access to an extensive network of college coaches, invaluable insights, and a personalized approach that sets you apart from the competition. Our combined expertise ensures that you receive the highest level of support and guidance throughout the entire recruiting process.



I have used other recruiting services in the past, but none of them can compete with Proactive Athletes recruiting state of the art programming.



Daniel Humphrey is a former college basketball player, athletic director, coach and owner of
Accelerated Cross Training Services (ACTS) a North Carolina based training company. With a
passion for helping all athletes he created this brand in 2019. With over 10 years of personal
training experience Daniel works with different athletes in all sports including basketball ,
football, baseball, soccer, and volleyball. During his time over training Daniel has directly
worked with over 1200 athletes through personal training, coaching, camps just to name a few.
Not only looking to develop athletes on the field Daniel has invested countless hours in helping
athletes mentally through mentoring and coaching. With the ACTS name he has provided youth
travel basketball teams, camps and media opportunities to those that inspire to stick around the
action. While working with Scott and Proactive Athletes, athletes under the ACTS brand have
had a chance to play at the next level.



Mid-Atlantic Football Showcase is proud to partner with Proactive Athletes, the leading experts in athletic recruitment, to offer student-athletes an unparalleled opportunity to excel in their college football journey. With our collaborative efforts, we provide a comprehensive platform that empowers aspiring football players to showcase their skills and connect with college coaches like never before.

Our partnership with Proactive Athletes means that you have access to an exclusive network of college football programs, personalized guidance, and innovative resources tailored to maximize your exposure and recruitment potential. Together, we create an environment where talent and opportunity converge, giving you the best chance to turn your dreams of playing college football into a reality. By choosing Mid-Atlantic Football Showcase and Proactive Athletes as your trusted allies, you benefit from our unique expertise, extensive industry connections, and unwavering commitment to your success. We are dedicated to providing a platform that not only showcases your abilities but also guides you through the intricacies of the recruitment process with confidence and ease. Join us on this remarkable journey to college football recruitment success. Together, we will forge a path toward your athletic accomplishments and open doors to a bright future in the world of college football.

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We believe that it takes a community to help a student-athlete reach their potential. That’s why Proactive Athletes has established partnership programs to reward coaches, gyms, high schools, private sports leagues and training facilities for doing their part to help those in their communities.
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