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  1. Expert Guidance: We have helped hundreds of student-athletes succeed and would welcome the opportunity to help you be next.
  2. Personalized Approach: While we believe in leveraging technology and tools, we strive to provide a hands-on approach to meeting your unique needs. 
  3. Cost-effective: We believe we can help without breaking the budget. We know budgets are tight and every dollar counts.
  4. Comprehensive Approach: We know succeeding requires elevating your game on multiple fronts, so we will work with you on all aspects of your strategy and communications.
  5. Transparency: It’s your journey, and we want your decision to be data-driven and well-informed. We believe you should have the same access to information as we do. Together we can optimize our approach and strive to find a great fit for the next step in your journey.

What Others Say About Proactive Athletes

Scott P is a true professional. He tailors the campaigns to each client and has excellent client care. He is interested in supporting the client’s ultimate scholastic and athletic objectives. I rate him the highest based on his performance.
Christian Hayes
Scott is professional, doesn't rush you into a decision. Make sure you and the athlete understand the process and possibilities of a scholarship. He's available for questions.
Hoyt Phillip Glover
Scott is excellent to work with. He explains his process thoroughly and has a unique approach to building a dialogue with coaches.
Lisa Hackett
It is AMAZING within minutes of sending out emails we started getting responses. I have had over 1500 emails open and several hundred responses. Scott and his technology has done so much more than any of those other recruiting companies ever did in days.
Josh Pontigo
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